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    Post by boris_g on Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:14 pm

    Symbian Wild Ducks 800px-wdslogo

    Symbian Wild Ducks Beagelboard_umts_lcd

    Not that I'm a fan of Symbian, nor do I think you should use something as beautiful as a Beagleboard for Symbian, but there are people out there who might make heads or tails of this. If I had one, I'd personally use it for Linux.

    Wild Ducks is basically a hardware and software project to port and support Symbian OS on the Beagleboard. The hardware support is a UMTS/ GSM/ GPS board. It uses PCM audio through the expansion connector on the BB to transfer the audio to the Telit module on the mobile board.

    This could be an interesting springboard for many projects, including those based on Symbian - remember, Telit distribute Linux drivers now!

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