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    Angstrom installation guide - SIMPLE v1


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    Angstrom installation guide - SIMPLE v1

    Post by admin on Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:09 pm

    It's time to install Angstrom!
    Nice and simple too!

    Download an Angstrom image: Angstrom OS's

    On Linux:
    Open Gparted:
    Goto SD card (SDB generally - ALWAYS CHECK)
    Partition it as:
    1st: FAT32 100MB
    2nd: EXT3 256MB plus

    This is the SIMPLEST version I can make.
    No MLO, No images. Just Simple..

    Extract the angstrom*.tar.gz to your ext3 partition using wither file roller or terminal.
    For terminal use:
    * Now cd to the partition 2 -- e.g. cd /media/Angstrom_Demo

    * Untar the filesystem. e.g. tar -xvjf /media/Beagle_Boot/Angstrom......bz2

    Now open the ext3 partition. Goto /Boot and copy the file "uImage" and paste it into the FAT32 partition.

    Unmount the SD.
    Plug it into you beagleboard. Hold down the User Button (button closest to edge) and continue holding until it boots.
    Angstrom will now load.

    Stay tuned for more tutorials! Including Angstrom to NAND, Ubuntu...


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